Digital Gait Scanning

Digital Gait Scanning – FTSPodiatry & footscan®

Forster Tuncurry Sports Podiatry uses footscan® in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment of lower limb biomechanical conditions.

We do not rely entirely on digital gait scanning for our assessments and diagnosis, however it is quickly becoming an invaluable tool in the patient assessment & treatment process.


What Can footscan® Tell Us?

– Foot function & movement during walking and running gait pre and post-intervention

– Foot pressures barefoot, foot pressures in footwear, foot pressures with orthotics in footwear

– Balance & postural control pre and post-intervention (eg: improvement of ankle stability after rehabilitation of an ankle sprain)


Observable measures of changes in foot plantar pressures before and after intervention

footscan® & footscan® balance

When a person is walking their foot is in contact with the ground on average for 0.8 seconds, and approximately 0.25 seconds when running.

No matter how experienced the practitioner, in some instances it can be quite difficult to pin point the exact problem area with the naked eye. Another hurdle to overcome is determining what the foot is doing when it is contact with the ground. Footscan® allows us to see what exactly your foot is doing when it is in contact with the ground. This allows for more accurate assessment and diagnosis of your presenting condition.

The more information available during the assessment/diagnosis process results in improved treatment interventions for our patients (orthotic prescriptions, exercise prescriptions, footwear recommendations etc…)








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