Movement IS Medicine

Exercise therapy is one of the cheapest and most effective treatment modalities available for the successful treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints.

Research supports exercise therapy as the gold standard treatment for many common foot & lower limb muscuoloskeletal conditions.

As with all other types of medication the dosage is of vital importance.

Meaning the type, amount and frequency the medication is taken directly influences the effectiveness of the medication in the treatment of your condition.
Too little and there is no effect, too much and there are adverse effects.

For example, diabetic medication. Too little and the blood sugars remain high, too much and blood sugars drop too low and can lead to serious complications.

The exercise dosage has to be correct to achieve a therapeutic effect.

We understand that no one person is alike and therefore no presentation of a musculoskeletal complaint is the same. Everyone’s musculoskeletal complaint has a multitude of factors unique to the individual that have lead to its development.

This is why our Podiatrists expertly devise 100% individualised exercise programs tailored to your specific needs.

Factors we take in to consideration when devising your individual exercise program;

  • Condition being treated.
  • Individual biomechanics & movement capabilities.
  • Age & tissue healing capabilities.
  • Access to equipment.
  • Need for additional therapies (eg: manual or electrotherapies)

Due to our extensive experience in Rehabilitation, Biomechanical & Musculoskeletal Podiatry & Personal Training we are able to devise a range of exercise rehabilitation programs suitable for at-home or gym settings.

At Home Exercise Therapies

We stock a wide range of exercise equipment that can be used for developing your at-home rehabilitation program.

Gym-Based Exercise Therapies

We are able to devise 100% customised gym programs tailored to your rehabilitation needs & fitness goals, allowing you to train whilst you treat your musculoskeletal complaint.

  • Keep your gym & fitness routine.
  • Train without pain.
  • Rehabilitate your injury to its full potential & prevent re-injury.

For many of us remembering to perform our exercises at home can be difficult, limiting our rehabilitation progress.
We know everyone is different and what works for some does not work for others.
Some patients find having a set time each day to perform their therapies works best for them, some even need to get out of the house to do so.

This is why we have partnered with Fitness2428 to offer short-term gym rehabilitation memberships for our patients for the duration of their rehabilitation program.

Short-Term Gym Rehabilitation Memberships

For those of you who want access to all the equipment required for your rehabilitation without the pressure of signing up for a a gym membership Fitness2428 offers short-term rehabilitation memberships to patients of Forster Tuncurry Sports Podiatry.

  • No lock in contracts
  • Access to facilities 6 days per week