Early detection of biomechanical & developmental abnormalities allows for prompt treatment, which can help prevent pain and dysfunction developing later in life.

When Should Your Child See A Podiatrist?

We recommend seeing your child sees a Podiatrist annually for screening & assessment.

By monitoring your child’s growth & developmental milestones we are able to identify potential problems that may lead to pain & dysfunction developing later in life.

It is important to see your Podiatrist immediately if you notice the following;

  • Your child complains of pain lasting for more than a few days.
  • You notice a sudden change in the way your child walks (ie: sudden development of a limp).

We understand that for parents it can be difficult knowing what is or isn’t ‘normal’ when it comes to their foot & gait development.

This is why Forster Tuncurry Sports Podiatry has developed our exclusive Kids’ Foot Health Check service.

Children’s Conditions

As a child’s musculoskeltal system differs greatly from an adult there are a number of conditions unique to children that they may develop.

Our Paediatric Biomechanical Assessments have been designed to assess your child’s growth, development & biomechanics to identify the underlying causes of your child’s presenting complaint.

Growing pains do not exist.
Pain can be a sign of an underlying condition.

‘Growing Pains’

Tarsal Coalitions

Calcaneal Enthesopathy / ‘Sever’s Disease’

Patella Enthesopathy / ‘Osgood-Schlatter Disease’

Juvenille HAV / (‘Bunions’)

In-Toeing / Out-Toeing

Toe Walking

Frequent Tripping / Poor Balance

Juvenille Idiopathic Arthritis

Growth Plate Injuries

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Kids’ foot health check

As a child grows there are a number of neurological & musculoskeletal changes occurring.
Assessing a child’s musculoskeletal system & gross motor skills can give an important insight in to the growth & development of your child. What is considered normal for a 2 year old may not be considered normal for a 6 year old. 

Our Kids’ Foot Health Check is a screening service that has been developed in line with the latest evidence-based research for children 0-14 years of age.

Our exclusive Kids’ Foot Health Check aims to identify & treat problems as early as possible, and to educate & reassure parents regarding their child’s growth & development.

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To book your child’s Kids’ Foot Health Check online click here

* Paediatric Biomechanical Assessment is booked under 60 minute Initial Appointment.