Welcome to Forster Tuncurry Sports Podiatry.

Here we hope to answer some of the most common questions we receive here at the clinic.

If you have not found the answer you are looking for please get in touch and our friendly staff will be happy to answer any queries you may have.


Q. Do I need a referral to attend Forster Tuncurry Sports Podiatry?
A. No, you do not require a referral in order to gain access to our services.
We do however receive plenty of referrals from other health practitioners. If you have been referred by another health practitioner please ensure to bring all relevant referral paperwork with you to your appointment.

Q. Can I receive General Podiatry treatment at Forster Tuncurry Sports Podaitry?
A. No, unfortunately as we have a specialised scope of practice and clinic set up we are unable to provide any General Podiatry care (including; nail care, corn/callous debridement).

Q. Will my health fund cover Podiatry treatments?
A. It is up to you to know and understand your individual private health insurance coverage.
If you do have extras cover that includes Podiatry treatment you will be eligible for health fund rebates for services at Forster Tuncurry Sports Podiatry.

Q. How does it work if I have been referred to Forster Tuncurry Sports Podiatry under a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan*?
*formerly the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan.
A. We accept patients who have been referred to us by their GP under the CDM.
Please ensure to bring all relevant referral paperwork with you to your appointment as we will be unable to provide treatment services under the CDM unless we have the referral paperwork at the time of first treatment under the plan.

Q. Does Forster Tuncurry Sports Podiatry Bulk-Bill my treatments under the CDM?
A. No. Unfortunately due to the specliased nature of our clinic we are unable to offer Bulk-Billing for all Biomechanical & Musculoskeletal Podiatry services.
We only Bulk-Bill Diabetic Foot Checks for those patients who have no other biomechanical or musculoskeltal complaints, and who require no General Podiatry treatment services.

Q. Does Forster Tuncurry Sports Podiatry provide services under NDIS?
A. No. We may be able to provide some services to self-funded NDIS patients, but please contact us to check before making an appointment.

Q. How do I pay for my treatments at Forster Tuncurry Sports Podiatry?
A. Full payment is required at the time of consultation.
We offer HICAPS and EFTPOS facilities – for instant claiming from your Private Health Fund and Medicare Easyclaim*.
We also accept cash, cheque and most major credit cards.

Q. Can Podiatrists refer for diagnostic imaging?
A. Yes. Podiatrists are able to refer for xray, ultrasound, MRI** and CT** scans.

*Medicare Easyclaim; For patients receiving treatments under the CDM we take full payment for your treatment at the time of consultation. We then process your Medicare card to claim your rebate and place the rebate instantly back to either your cheque or savings account. 

**These imaging modalaties are not covered by Medicare if your Podiatrist refers for imaging, there will be out-of-pocket expenses payable to your diagnostic imaging provider. Typically only a specialist may refer for these imaging modalaties in order to qualify for Medicare subsidies.